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You are about to take part in something that is going to help millions across the world – helping workers save more and have access to affordable credit. 

Our Payrolld App enhances your engagement with your payroll deduction partners and allows you to easily manage payroll deduction submissions and updates.

Payrolld App
VIsualised Data


The Payrolld App allows you to offer visualised data to your payroll deduction partner. Using graphs and statistics your payroll deduction partner can track the success of the campaign and then work with you to deliver campaigns that can really boost your payroll deduction scheme.

We have designed Payrolld to also allow you to easily show how much members employed by your payroll deduction partners has saved compared to other lenders. Demonstrating that credit unions provide the obvious choice for increasing financial health of their employees.



With our 15 years experience of marketing we have developed the Payrolld App for you to easily show your latest updates from your credit union. Seamlessly integrate your marketing campaigns within Payrolld and it will be displayed to all of your payroll deduction partners.

You can also show your latest Tweets and videos within the Payrolld App and our team of experts help to create campaigns with you for more advanced promotions.



We are partnering with leading financial advisers and other wellbeing trainers from around the World, who will provide training sessions on demand.

Over the next year we will be adding on to our current list of advisers and wellbeing providers to help boost your credit union and help your payroll deduction partners’ employees further. This will not only increase your engagement with your payroll deduction partners but also cement your services as those that help employees with their savings more.


Payrolld - financial advisers


Each area of the Payrolld App is manually created so that it truly reflects your credit union’s brand and processes. The Payrolld App uses the most advanced encryption technology, and with our manually processing means that each area is protected with added security – protecting user data. 

You can customise the look and feel of the Payrolld App, allowing your credit union’s brand to be reflected within the web app. We also use minimal branding for Payrolld so your credit union remains centre stage when your payroll deduction partners login and use the Payrolld App.


We have packed a lot of features within the Payrolld App to boost your credit union’s engagement with your payroll deduction partners and future partners. 

  • Send and Receive Payroll Deduction Submissions and Updates

    Your payroll deduction partner can securely send and receive updates about the payroll deduction scheme. You can also send updates relating to the scheme and invoices.

  • Data Visualisation

    Your payroll deduction partners get to view and track the success of the campaign with visualised data charts, statistical updates and key information.

  • Marketing Integration

    Easily promote your credit union with the built in Payrolld marketing suite. You can also request advanced features such as YouTube videos integrated. Flyers submitted within the Payrolld App makes it easy for your payroll deduction partners to download to share with their colleagues.

  • Twitter Integration

    You can display your Twitter feed to all of your payroll deduction partners ensuring that they keep up to date with the latest your credit union is talking about via social media.

  • Advanced Security

    We use advanced encryption such as SSL to ensure that logins, submissions and other sensitive data. We also apply security conscious creation techniques to ensure that our processes in building yours and your payroll deduction partners' dashboards are secure.

  • GDPR Compliant

    We have designed the Payrolld App with data protection by design. Not only is our platform secure, your submitted data are not stored for longer than 2 months. We also help to keep your credit union compliant by ensuring that where you submit updates that a validation must be checked before submission - lessening any accidental data leaks and errors.

  • Broadcast Messages

    Keep all your payroll deduction partners up to date with important developments with your credit union by sending text rich broadcast messages. Messages are sent directly to the partners' dashboards and are available whenever they login.

  • Comparable Statistic Submission

    We have made it very easy to compare how great your loan rates are in comparison to other lenders. Show your payroll deduction how much their employees have saved by borrowing from you.

  • Financial Advisers & Trainers

    We have partnered with expert Financial Advisers & Trainers who will provide financial education to employees. These complementary services will help cement the importance of saving with your credit union or borrowing wisely. These trainers will talk about credit unions

We are adding even more features that will really enhance your partnership with your payroll deduction partners. See also our bonus features below to see how you will be maximising your credit union’s partnership.


Once you buy access to the Payrolld App you will also receive the following bonuses:

  • Two professionally made Flyer Templates (worth £243)
  • Template Payrolld Training Guide for your existing payroll deduction partners (£98)
  • Template Letter of Notice – to send to your existing payroll deduction partners (£69)




The Payrolld App is an advance financial technology platform that will boost your credit union’s engagement with your payroll deduction partners. The App allows credit unions to forge ever closer partnerships with their payroll deduction partners. Having your own portal helps create professional relationships between you and your existing partners.

However, we want credit unions to go further. That is why we are offering our specialist business development services that compliments the Payrolld App.

Our team of trained business developers will seek out and get you more partners within your community and industry boosting your membership and loan book, while helping employees across the UK.



The landscape in social finance has changed – now loans companies, community banks and challenger banks are infiltrating areas that credit unions used to solely operate. The difference is that most of these companies have millions of pounds in investments to create marketing and sales departments with hundreds of thousands in annual marketing budgets and large teams.

Most credit unions are, unfortunately, unable to compete against these multi-million pound corporation; without outside help.


Our team has over 15 years working in the credit union sector and is passionate about the fantastic work that credit unions do all over the country.

It is our understanding of credit unions that allows us to promote them effectively, and our wider business acumen (and influential networks) that allows us to research, negotiate and acquire payroll deduction partners for your credit union.

We use our growing team to:

  • Research targets within your common bond
  • Find the best group of people within the organisations to approach.
  • Organise meetings with senior staff between the credit union and business to formalise the partnership.
  • Provide support with negotiations and contractual issues.
  • Assist with ongoing engagement.

We know that ongoing engagement is key to both employer and credit unions therefore provide further support after your partnership has been formed. 



We understand that sometimes budgets are quite tight for credit unions for business development and marketing purposes. 

This is why we are transparent in our pricing and offer Payrolld App and our services at very affordable prices.

NOTE: All prices exclude VAT.


Now until the end of May 2019 - Get it and save for the next 2 years!!! Just £2,400 for the first 2 years!

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If you are purchasing access and use of the Payrolld App then you will qualify for discounted business development services.

The best bit is it is entirely risk free – you do not pay anything until you have agreed a partnership with the organisations we refer to you!

Organisations Over 50 = £600 (exc VAT) per referral

Organisations 49 and Under = £325 (exc VAT) per referral


Do not want access to the Payrolld App ? Then you can still take advantage of our Business Development Services by itself.  Again only pay when you have agreed a partnership with the organisations we refer to you.

Under 50 Plan

SME & Small Organisations

£993 per payroll partner
  • 49 and less Employees at the business
  • Research Targets
  • Engage Target Businesses
  • Arrange Introductions and follow up meetings
  • Assist with deal making and negotiation

50 Plus Plan

Larger orgaisations

£2500 per payroll partner
  • For employers with 50 and more employees
  • Research Targets
  • Engage Target Businesses
  • Arrange Introductions and follow up meetings
  • Assist with deal making and negotiation


No upfront fees!

No need to hire your own marketing staff that will cost you over £2000 per month!

No need to use all your resources on researching, engaging and re-engaging to get new payroll partners.

Stronger Community Relationships

Getting more payroll partners will increase both your capital levels and loan book. As well as building stronger community relationships.


We tell all credit unions to give us 3 months to set up and test their access to the Payrolld App. 

We do this because we manually build each dashboard for the credit union and each of their payroll deduction partner. Due to demand and security we, therefore, tell credit unions this 3 months period. However, for credit unions with less existing payroll deduction partners the set-up can be a lot quicker.

No – the Payrolld App is a Web App designed to be viewed by computers. You and your payroll deduction partners use the latest web browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

(For optimum experience we recommend using Chrome).

You can cancel the subscription to the Payrolld App before it is time to renew the subscription (you will need to give at least 1 month notice of cancellation). If you do not cancel before your renewal then you will still need to pay for access of the Payrolld App for the whole year.


You can only get a refund before work has started on setting up yours and your payroll deduction partner’s access to the Payrolld App.

We will usually start building your dashboard immediately after you have sent over the Getting Started Form and paid for your first year of subscription. 

However, for very exceptional circumstance, we reserve the right and exclusive discretion to offer a refund or partial refund.


You can cancel the Business Development Services at anytime, however, you will still have to pay for the services undertaken that has led to a partnership at the full price.

Therefore, it is recommended to talk to our team first so you can know which organisations we have been negotiating with.


You will only need to pay for our Business Development Services when you and the prospective payroll deduction partner have agreed for your credit union to offer its services or form a partnership of any kind.

No, although we highly recommend using the Business Development Services (it is risk free after all!), you do not need to use our services. 


The Payrolld App is very secure. We use advanced encryption combined with our building techniques to prevent data breaches, malicious software and other unlawful infiltration to the system. We also use departmentalisation with each login, therefore, if (due to a very small possibility) that someone does unlawfully access one dashboard, they will not be able to access any other user’s dashboard or information.

Additionally, all files submitted are protected from any outside access through encryption as well as server side protections. Each time a new file is submitted that existing file is deleted.


Other than user personal information (which includes name and contact details of that user) we do not use any other personal data. When you or your payroll deduction partner make a submission we do not parse any details in that file. 

No, all payments are made separately. You can however exchange invoices.

Yes, you can have our team undertake Business Development Services for your credit union without using the Payrolld App. However, using a professional portal – such as the Payrolld App massively increases the success of businesses and organisations wanting to work with your credit union. 


We add and change bonuses from time to time. However, generally by buying access to the Payrolld App and our Business Development Services, you will get the following for free:

  • Template Training Guide for your payroll deduction partners
  • Letter of Notice template – informing your existing payroll deduction partners that you are changing your processes.
  • Two Professionally Designed Flyers – which you can use within the Payrolld App or in your credit union as general.
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