Payrolld has a simple aim – to help employers assist their employees with their financial wellbeing. It is our goal to help workers across the country and world to save more, borrow less and if they do need to borrow, borrow affordably.

Payrolld does this by matching employers with social finance companies that allows employees to save directly from their salaries and have access to affordable credit. 

The Payrolld App helps creates and builds strong relationships between employers and their local credit union. 

Who Are We?

Our team are made up of leaders within the credit union and social banking industries, as well as legal consultants and business strategists. Our experience provides us with an unrivalled ability to connect businesses with social finance providers such as credit unions, as well as utilise our global connections to push for a change in attitudes to financial capability.

Chief Executive Officer – Simon Phillips

Our CEO has worked for London Mutual Credit Union as a business developer and compliance officer. His experience with London Mutual Credit Union presented him with the insight to how to tackle the growing threats of multi-million pound finance technology companies, while also how to engage with partners more.

Simon Phillips has recently been invited as part of Bloomberg’s Breakaway Group of CEOs who are leading or innovative CEOs making a change within the European markets. He has also led other projects that was deemed a mini-corn (future £1 billion corporation) by Pay Expo (the largest payments and finance expo globally).

Simon also sits as a non-executive and consultant with a number of brands and ventures. He tends to consult on strategy, legal matters and marketing opportunities. His expertise has led him to work with leaders within multiple industries and attend government consultations for financial wellbeing of employees and those faced with financial hardships.



Other Team Members

As part of Money Global’s ventures our team consists of those who have worked in senior position within credit unions, building societies and general finance. Our team also includes experts in marketing and law.

Money Global

Payrolld is a Money Global brand and fits into our vision to help people and businesses around the world to become more financially capable and a good financial wellbeing.

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